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Foshan Shiwan Yulong Ceramics Co., Ltd. is an advanced enterprise specializing in the production of "Caihua Brand" ceramic mosaics. Since its establishment in 1998, with its strong product development and design capabilities and many years of rich production experience, the ceramic mosaics produced independently are beautiful Fashion and superior performance have always led the trend of similar products in the industry.
The color flower mosaic is produced with green environmental protection and non-radiation raw materials. It has excellent anti-skid and wear resistance, and is widely used in kitchens, toilets and other places where high anti-skid and wear resistance is required. In addition to having strong practical performance, the color flower mosaic has various specifications, beautiful shapes, rich colors, flexible textures and effects, and has a stronger artistic expression. It is a personalized fashion in the space and constantly meets the majority of designers and consumers. The various needs of people, and constantly show its high technology and style value.

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